InfiRay Wärmebild-Zielfernrohr TH50

  • Wärmebild-Zielfernrohr TH50

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Produktnummer: IRAYTH50
GTIN/EAN: 6973202301432
Produktinformationen "InfiRay Wärmebild-Zielfernrohr TH50"
Wärmebild-Zielfernrohr TH50

Tube Series
Better Image Quality
Better Observing Experience

Traditional Day Scope Appearance
The Tube Series was designed from the ground up for optimal use on bolt action rifles and other platforms that demand flexible mounting options with increased eye relief. The traditional style housing allows for mounting with standard 30mm rings like a typical day scope.

12 µm 640x512 high capacity sensor
Being the top-end thermal scope of Tube Series, TH50 is equipped with the industry leading InfiRay 12µm 640x512 sensor with advanced image processing algorithm which has excellent performance in dealing with even the slightest temperature difference presenting detailed vivid imaging.

2361m Detection Range
Combining the extraordinary sensor and the powerful 50mm optics, TH50 can achieve the detection range up to 2361m.

Ultraclear Mode
When Ultra-clear mode is on, bad weather condition effect is off. With Untra-clear mode, TH50 can still provide a clear and delicate imaging even in bad weather conditions such as heavy fog and rain. Bad weather can’ t stop you from your great adventure.  
Einsatzbereich [Nachtsichtgeräte]: Jagd
Erforderliche Batterien 2): Li-ion 18650
Farbe: schwarz
Kalibrierung: Automatisch, Halbautomatisch, Manuell
Material: Aluminium, Kunststoff
Material Linsen: Germanium
Wasserdichtigkeit Schutzlevel: IPX6